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DigitalWebMark offers custom website development for customers that need a particularly tailored solution for the web-based system in Dubai. There are some remarkable services offered by including:

Custom Content Management System (CMS) website development:

If creating a site for your business is on the skyline, you may be thinking which CMS is the greatest choice for you. Here is a look at four of the widely used content management system. All are open-source software, every maintained and developed by a society of thousands. Not just are all 4 free to download and utilize, but the open-source pattern means that the forum is continuously being boosted to support new and fresh Internet technologies. There is no single-size-fits-all solution here; it completely depends on your technical expertise, budget, goals and what you require your website to do. WordPress as a CM is greatly user-friendly because it is a responsive platform for all non-developers, WordPress is also able of very complex websites. For an extremely large customized website requiring complex content organization and scalability. Drupal also would have a very good choice of you. For something in the middle of that offers a simpler expectation to learn and adapt, Concrete5 or Joomla content managers might be the appropriate response.

We are experienced with Adobe Muse, Freeway Pro, and Dreamweaver. After years of training, we have discovered WordPress content managers to be the best of the best for 90% of our customers due to the simple to use for clients with little or no skill in managing a site. WordPress has over 41,000 plugins and widgets that groom the functionality of your site.

WordPress Developers

In 2003 the first time WordPress released, it started as a creative, easy and simple-to-use for the platform of blogging. With an ever-raising repertoire of themes, widgets, and plugins this CMS is largely used for other site formats also. Your WP average user base includes a better part of folks and who are perfect beginners to advanced professionals.

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You can see the CM sites above to catch out extra information or on the other hand, call us to find any question’s answer. Because many of our customers use WordPress, Now here are some stunning features on the WP content manager:


Drupal became an open source project in 2001. Drupal is a developer-friendly, powerful tool for creating complex websites. Like most strong tools, it needs some experience and expertise to operate. Drupal needs the most of technical professionalism of the 3 CMSs.


Joomla was the outcome of a Mambo's fork in 2005. Joomla provides a center ground among the developer-oriented, wide capabilities of Drupal and user-friendly WordPress and Concrete5. Designed to carry out as a community forum, with powerful social networking characteristics. Low complex than Drupal, much complex than WordPress and Concrete5.


First developed and designed in 2003, Concrete content management system is the engine beyond many websites, stores, forums, and web applications. While Concrete’s simple to use is appealing to those who update their site on a monthly, daily basis, the resilience behind the platform is charming to developers. The concrete5 customers’ base leans to have distinct parts of clients, ranging from average level folks to perfect experts and a generous splash of newbies.

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